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We guarantee 10,000 real and organic followers on your Instagram or we work at no cost until we hit our targets!*

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On average our current clients are growing by 377 new followers every week! Don't leave your social to an agency that does it part-time!

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Growing your business with Social Media Marketing in Melbourne

The strongest influence on a person who is considering a purchase is the opinion of a respected family member or friend.

Thanks to social media, when a person shares details of a purchase with their community, interact with a brand or product, or choose to share the things they ‘like’, they’re giving businesses the chance to learn more about what they really want and what they like to see from both new brands and established brands they are already loyal to.

This information is priceless in the right hands: It allows us to learn more about your target audience and how they choose to purchase your product or service, and from this data we can structure a strategy that actually works.

When we work with you to build your social following, we focus on more than just a Like. We want to ensure your audience is engaged, involved and ready to purchase. Utilising exclusive tools and industry experience, we can offer a range of creative solutions that encompass a range of key touch points for your brand across social media.

Social Media Marketing for Small business

Social media marketing is the perfect solution for a small or medium business looking for a cost effective digital marketing solution that not only brings in more customers, but also offers key information on the demographics interested in your product. With our range of packages, we can tailor to your needs to cover the creative, including photography and copywriting, as well as focus our technical team on discovering cost effective solutions for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Large online communities can be managed by our in house team, ensuring enquiries and feedback are responded to in a timely manner, increasing the respect of your brand and likelihood of a purchase.

What We Do

Instagram content + growth

Instagram is a must for fashion and lifestyle brands across Melbourne. With a highly visual product, you’ll want your brand to stand out with captivating imagery, strategic post times, and captioning that welcomes interactions and the essential click-through to purchase. Not only do we offer tailored management packages for whatever stage your brand is at, but all packages come with our exclusive growth guarantee: We promise 10,000 new instagram followers in 12 months*.

Facebook Marketing Advertising + Management

As Facebook redefines its values as a social media mecca, expertise in Facebook Advertising is more essential than ever. Let us create a cohesive advertising plan for your brand that focuses on results: We combine multiple text and imagery options to create hundreds to thousands of ad variations to discover the perfect ad for your specifically targeted audience. Tailor Group can even ensure your community is expertly managed, responding to enquiries ensuring your audience feels heard and engaged with. (Why is this important? Read about it with all our other Facebook resources on the blog here)

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